The Venue

The Irene Village Hall

The beautiful and quaint hall can accomodate 100 seated people.
 Parking space is available in front of the Hall, inside the perimeter walls of Irene Village. Additional parking is available across the road at the Irene Shopping centre. All entrances into Irene close at 18:00 every evening, and only the main gates in Nelmapius and Alexander streets remain open with guards checking vehicles on entry/exit.  

Main Hall area

 The main area of the Hall consists of 220 m2 (20m x 11m) of floor space, as well as a stage (6m x3m) with curtains. The wooden floors and pressed ceilings add to it’s old-world charm, and lighting with ceiling fans add to the ambience.
  A doorway off the Hall leads to men’s and ladies’ cloakrooms with adequate facilities for large groups of people. Another doorway off the Hall leads to a small lounge where children can be entertained during functions.    

The Kitchen

  The kitchen is equipped with sufficient work areas, as well as a gas stove and oven and a fridge. Numerous electrical outlets are conveniently placed, and a second fridge is available for additional storage. White crockery - dinner plates, side plates, desert bowls, knifes, forks, tablespoons, teaspoons, coffee/ tea cups and saucers - are available for hire, and are stored in the pantry. An urn is available for hire for preparing coffee and/or tea. The kitchen can be accessed from a separate door at the front of the Hall, with another door opening into the Entertainment Area  

The Hall


  On the eastern side of the Hall, doors open onto an enclosed patio, which leads to the kitchen as well as a private garden area.  

The Garden Area

This beautiful and quaint garden surrounded by flowers and green grass is perfect for those who want to be outdoors before their function starts. 

The Patio

The patio can be used for smaller functions, or for serving food while using the main Hall area for table placements and seating. 

The Prefabs

Perfect for small classes when the hall is occupied. 
These 2 prefabs have their own entrance and exit.